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PS Leadership Academy

 Pure and Sure Leadership Academy is designed for seventh graders to support rising women leaders to develop and leverage their unique leadership skills to effectively lead within their families, schools, and communities. 

  • Seventh grade leaders and their mentors will develop critical skills to advance their college and career readiness within any field.  

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Planning for Partnerships!

 Join the movement as we collaborate with other individuals and community organizations to establishing a world where all girls can have access to social and emotional  support. 

         Let's partner to plan your next event.

Our Program offers a Differentiated Seventh Grade Experience

Student Voice Committee

Community Engagement

Student and
Family Partnership

Establishing an Inclusive School Environment

Student Advocacy

and Voice

Developing Respectful Peer to Peer

Increase Leadership Stamina  

SMARTIE Goal Setting & Progress Monitoring

Active Listening &

Leading with Integerity

Time Management & 

Effective Communication

Team Building & Collaboration

Confidence &

Accountability & Assertiveness

Problem-Solving &
Critical Thinking

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