PURE AND SURE INC. is a non-profit organization based out of  Illinois. Our mission is to mentor and educate young girls by teaching them to embrace and celebrate their real beauty as well as assist parents during their transition from young girls into young women.

We have incorporated a social and emotional focus that supports girls and young women development in communicating effectively, relationship building, negotiating conflict, practicing empathy understanding and, managing their emotions and behavior.  

Through our events, workshops, and seminars, relationships  and interactions between Mothers and Daughters will be healthy,  respectable  and stronger. 

We believe in the power of self-love.  By equipping these girls with a unique education, we can help them develop an awareness of a love that speaks to their low self-esteem and redefines it as bold and confident. A love that will awaken their thoughts, behavior and will inspire them to present themselves with grace and honor.

Our dream is for PURE AND SURE INC. to become an unstoppable movement in which young girls, ages 5 to 19, from all over the world will take action and inspire each other by forming a meaningful and long-lasting sisterhood.


Together we can prepare these girls for a world of possibilities!